Queen’s Alive Constitution

Amended by the General Membership as of 13 March 2016

Article I: Name of Club

1.1. The name of the club shall be Queen’s Alive, hereinafter referred to as QA.

Article II: Impetus

2.1. The specific objectives of QA are to:

  1. Inform and educate the public on life issues including, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  2. Train and equip pro-life leaders within the QA membership;
  3. Direct the public to various pro-life resources, such as crisis pregnancy and post-abortion centers.

2.2. The procedural objectives of QA are to:

  1. Uphold the objectives and principles enumerated in Articles II and VIII in a manner that aims to protect and respect human life, and to maintain an effective club for that purpose
  2. Provide individuals adhering to the aforementioned Articles with an opportunity to engage in constructive and meaningful activities on campus;
  3. Encourage and promote active participation of all members of QA in QA activities on campus and in the Kingston area;
  4. Promote and maintain amicable dialogue and cooperation with organizations that share common beliefs with QA, on campus, in the community, and across Canada;
  5. Raise monies and maintain a fund to support the activities of QA in fulfilling its other objectives, as set out in sections 2.1 and 2.2.
Article III: Affiliation with the Alma Mater Society (AMS)

3.1 The constitution of the AMS shall take precedence over this constitution.  In particular, the following sections of the AMS constitution shall be recognized: 7.01, and 7.02

Article IV: Membership

4.1 Full members of the club shall consist of only current Queen’s students whom have paid their full slate of AMS or SGPS fees.  The club executive team must be made of 70% of undergraduate students. The club must have contain 50% undergraduate students.

4.2 All full members are liable to an annual membership fee prescribed by the Executive Committee at its first meeting each September and approved by the club as a whole. The Club Executives are responsible ensuring that all club members are current Queen’s students. The Club Executives are also responsible creating and maintaining a list of all club member with contact information that the AMS may call for at any time.

4.3 Full AMS members have the right to vote at the meetings of the General Assembly, seek nomination and be elected to an AMS office.

Article V: Membership Limitations

5.1. Club memberships shall be valid until the 30th of April immediately following the date from whence they were purchased.

5.2. Membership in QA may be terminated if a member’s conduct, after he/she has had adequate opportunity to defend him/herself, is deemed by the Executive, by a simple majority of those present and voting, to be unbecoming or likely to adversely affect the interests and reputation of QA.

Article VI: AMS Assembly

6.1 The AMS Assembly, as the highest legislative body representing students at Queen’s, constitutes the ultimate source of authority for Queen’s Alive.  Moreover, it can set up ad hoc committees with specific terms of reference to investigate financial matters and report to its next meeting. AMS Assembly retains the authority alongside the AMS Vice-President of University Affairs and the AMS Alternate Judicial Committee to de-ratify any club that violates the mandate of the Alma Mater Society and/or the Queen’s Code of Conduct.

Article VII: Guiding Principles

7.1. The members of QA recognize that:

  1. Human life begins at conception and ends at natural death.
  2. Human life is intrinsically valuable
  3. All human beings, whether born or unborn, are endowed with the right to life.
  4. The Government is responsible for ensuring that the right to life is protected by law.
Article VIII: Members of the Executive

8.1. The Executive members of QA shall be elected in accordance with Article XIV and must be members in good standing of the club throughout their respective terms on the Executive.

8.2. The Executive members agree to be bound by the articles of this constitution in its entirety when they are acting on behalf of, or in conjunction with, QA.

8.3. The Executive shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator, the Events Coordinator, the Media Coordinator, the Secretary, the Education Coordinator, and the Outreach Coordinator.

8.4. The specific duties of the Executive members are enumerated below.

  1. The President shall be responsible for ensuring that QA meets its objectives. The President shall oversee all operations of QA, call and chair meetings, and ensure that members of the Executive complete their duties. He or she shall ensure that the members of the Executive respect the articles of the constitution in its entirety. The President shall be responsible for an introductory communication to the General Membership at the beginning of the school year. The President shall work with the Media Coordinator to draft Media Releases.
  2. The Vice President shall be responsible for completing the duties of the President in his/her absence, and if necessary, shall preside over disciplinary hearings for the President. The Vice President shall assist the President and other members of the Executive in fulfilling their duties, and shall be responsible for overseeing and reporting on the progress of club events and projects.
  3. The Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator shall oversee the intake and dispersal of funds to and from QA and keep a record of these transactions. The Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator shall have sole signing authority on the finances of QA. The Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator shall be responsible for providing financial updates to the Executive as requested, and shall maintain the financial accounting of QA in a clear and transparent manner for the general viewing of all members of the QA, if requested, at any official meeting of the general membership. He or she shall be responsible for maintenance of the bank account. The Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator shall also be responsible for making recommendations to the Executive and the membership on decisions relating to the dispersal or intake of funds. The Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator shall hold the responsibility of constraining club expenditures to the equity of QA. The Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator shall be responsible for designing a fundraising plan for the year, and shall actively seek out donors for QA.
  4. The Events Coordinator shall work with the Executive to plan and coordinate events. The Events Coordinator shall work with the Media Coordinator to develop advertising campaigns for club events. The Events Coordinator shall be responsible for communication regarding event coordination between QA and any exterior sources.
  5. The Secretary shall record and distribute the minutes of club meetings as deemed necessary. The Secretary shall maintain the records of QA sanctioned events and activities. The Events Coordinator shall have the responsibility of booking venues for meetings and events.
  6. The Media Coordinator shall work with the President to develop communications, public notifications, and press releases. The Media Coordinator shall be responsible for drafting letters to media organizations and advertising campaigns. The Secretary shall also be responsible for maintaining updates on the club blog, Facebook page, and twitter account. The Media Coordinator shall be responsible for the maintenance of the email account. He or she shall be responsible for contacting the members of the Executive to inform them of General Meetings and other QA events, at the request of the President.
  7. The Education Coordinator shall work with the Events Coordinator to plan and coordinate events involving education of club members. He or she shall plan workshops and ensure club members are adequately educated in relevant life issues.
  8. The Outreach Coordinator shall work with the Events Coordinator and Media Coordinator to ensure general club member involvement. He or she will welcome new club members and actively seek out opportunities for them within the club activities.

8.5. Any specific duties not outlined above shall be assigned by the President, subject to approval by two thirds of the Executive. The Executive may also assign enumerated responsibilities to other Executive members, should said members be deemed more qualified for the responsibilities.

8.6. The Executive shall be charged with the collective responsibility of effectively planning, organizing, and executing club activities and events, with the purpose of fulfilling the objectives of QA. The Executive shall work as a team to fulfill their duties, and must remain within budgetary constraints.

Article IX: Election to the Executive

9.1. Election to the Executive shall be by secret ballot and coordinated by a Chief Returning Officer, hereinafter known as the CRO, who is must not be in consideration for any Executive Position, and who shall not vote in the relevant election.

9.2. The CRO shall be responsible for all duties associated with the election and shall insure that proper advance notification of said election is provided to all club members.

9.3. The CRO shall tabulate the votes and announce the name of the candidate elected to each position.

9.4. Any member in good standing may call for a re-count of any vote taken by secret ballot.

9.5. For a candidate to be elected to a position of the Executive, he/she must receive more votes than any other individual who is also running for that same position.

9.6. In the case of an uncontested candidate, he/she will be subject to a general yes/no vote. To be elected, the individual must receive a majority vote of “Yes”.

Article X: Removal of a Member of the Executive

10.1. A two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Executive present and voting at any executive meeting may remove any member of the Executive from office if said member has failed to perform his/her duties as enumerated in the constitution.

10.2. No member of the Executive shall be removed until said member has been given a reasonable opportunity to defend him/herself before the Executive from relevant accusations.

10.3. Upon removal from office, the Executive may select a member of QA, in good standing, to serve on an interim basis until the next Annual General Meeting.

Article XI: Meetings of the Executive

11.1. Executive Meetings shall be opened, according to the will of the President, to members in good standing of QA.

11.2. Meetings shall take place at a minimum of once every three weeks, unless:

  1. extenuating circumstances (to be determined by the President) occur, to be reviewed upon the next Executive Meeting, or
  2. a meeting is deemed unnecessary by the President due to a lack of material to be presented or discussed at that date.
Article XII: Meetings of the General Membership

12.1. Meetings of the general membership of QA shall be called by the President and must be held at minimum once during the fall semester and once during the winter semester.

12.2. Quorum for any meeting of the QA general membership shall be 25% of QA members in good standing.

12.3. Notification of General Meetings shall be sent to the QA membership at least one (1) week prior.

Article XIII: Annual General Meetings

13.1. Notification of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be sent to the full membership at least one (1) week prior the AGM.

13.2. The Annual General Meeting must be held prior to the official end of the spring semester or before April 15th of each year, whichever is sooner.

13.3. At the Annual General Meeting, all positions outlined in Article X shall be filled by election.

13.4. An individual shall only be permitted to participate and/or vote in the Annual General Meeting if they are a member of QA in good standing, and have been so for two (2) weeks prior the AGM.

Article XIV: Funding

14.1. In accordance with section 7.02 of the AMS constitution, Queen’s Alive recognizes it is eligible to receive either or both student activity fees and Assembly grants.  Eligibility for receiving Club Grants shall be restricted to those student organizations receiving funding from neither student activity fees nor Assembly Grants.  Any funding received from the Society shall be spent for the purpose for which it was requested.

14.2. Queen’s Alive shall be eligible to fundraise and to receive donations.  Fundraising efforts and donations in excess of $5,000 shall in all cases to be coordinated through the AMS President and Executive Director and the Queen’s University Office of Advancement business office.

Article XV: Recognition of Regulations

15.1. The constitution and by-laws of the AMS, the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms bind QA and its constitution.

15.2. QA acknowledges and will abide by the AMS by-laws and policies unless otherwise approved by the Clubs Committee. QA is aware that it will no longer remain an AMS club if a policy or by-law is contravened without Clubs Committee ratification.

Article XVI: Amendments

16.1. The constitution shall be reviewed annually and any amendments shall be immediately presented to the AMS for approval, through the Commission of Internal Affairs.

Article XII: Volunteers & Participants

17.1. Club Volunteer means non-Queen’s students who assist in club affairs but do not host, manage, vote, or create club activities, events and policies. Clubs that have volunteers must have policies within their constitution to outline a volunteer’s relationship to the club. Club executives shall keep a detailed, up to date record of all club volunteers, including their name and relevant affiliation. Volunteers are part of the group on their own volition.

17.2. Club Participant means students of Queen’s or non-Queen’s students who attend an event hosted by a club but have no other relationship with said club. Participant’s actions are their own and do not reflect the club. Participants are part of the group on their own volition.