Meet the Executive

Executive 2016-2017:


President- Hi my name is Rebecca La Barr and I study English in Con Ed at Queen’s. As an aspiring teacher, my biggest goal is to lead with compassion in all things. That is why Queen’s Alive’s mission is inspiring to me; because through it, we have the opportunity to encounter each other on campus with true compassion and hopefully understanding for the other. What drives me to be a part of a mission like this one, are the women who have shared with us, and entrusted in us, the suffering they experience directly because of abortion. Knowing that whole organizations exist because of the intense suffering of women, children, and families because of  abortion, and having met women impacted by abortion who weren’t given all of the information, is reason enough to have conversations with other students on campus! Our goal is to raise awareness on behalf of the people who have entrusted with us that suffering, and to be a voice for the voiceless women and children. We’re advocating for human life at all stages, and that starts with advocating for the people right in front of us.


Education Co-Ordinator- My name is Christine Helferty and I study music at Queen’s. I love my family, friends, and swing dancing. I have been known to randomly break out in song. I am so pleased to be a member of Queen’s Alive this year. Every human life is so incredible and irreplaceable, and I love working in the pro-life movement to advocate for the most vulnerable.


Secretary-My name is William Tran and I am studying Life Sciences this year. A cool fact about me is that I am first generation Canadian within my family, but my parents are from Vietnam! The reason I am passionate about the pro-life movement is because humans, no matter what stage they are in life or difficulty they are facing, have the right to live happy and fulfilling lives! Some people disregard the lives that are conceived in the womb and those facing dire ailments. That is why I joined Queen’s Alive, to change those perspectives and to save the lives of those who are in most need!


Events Co-Ordinator-I’m Charlene Joseph and am studying Economics. A fun fact about me is I can write backwards right to left! I’m passionate about pro-life because life is a precious gift that we are all so blessed to have. Our job, as humans, is to protect it and through that, experience and embrace the beauty and wonders life has to offer. It’s a way of being our own personal super heroes by saving lives in the simplest way!


Vice President-Hi! My name is Katelyn Arac, though I usually go by Katie. I am a second year PhD of history, and I study post-confederation Canada. A fun fact about me is that my favourite place to be is outdoors. Whether it is curled up in the sun with a good book or hiking through the woods, I am happy just to be enjoying nature, rain or shine. The pro-life movement is a cause vitally important to our generation. Thousands of lives are shattered because of legislation that neglects the beauty and importance of life. It is our job to remind society of the importance of life from conception until natural death, to promote the dignity of every person, and to help protect the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves.


Social Outreach-Heyyo, my name is Savio Kocherry and I’m currently a second year life-science student. I was born in India and moved around quite a bit until my family immigrated to Canada in 2006. If I were stranded on an island and could only bring along one culinary item, without hesitation, I would chose lasagna. When I was younger, I had high hopes of being able to dunk a basketball but due to lack of athletic genes I settled for dunking my Oreos in my milk. I am passionate about the pro-life movement because recognizing the beauty of life in all its stages, from conception to natural death, it is my responsibility and honor to uphold the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters.


Finances-Hello, my name is Robert Brown. I am currently studying Civil Engineering, and am in my third year. Within my program, I have a specific interest in urban infrastructure, such as transportation, water and electrical systems. Outside the classroom, I am often outdoors. I am very into hiking, camping, canoeing, gardening, and sports in general. I also have a knack for building and fixing things. A fun fact about myself is that I am left handed, but play right handed guitar. I am pro life because because I believe that life is always worth living, and everyone should be able to choose to be able to live. I want to strive, both for myself and those around me, to live life – its joys, struggles, successes and failures, to the fullest.


Media Co-Ordinator-Hi, my name is Isabel Cumming. I’m currently in my second year in Computer Engineering, hoping to specialize in Software. I love volunteering, playing volleyball, and reading. A fun fact about me is I was born in Mexico City, and also really enjoy learning new languages. The reason I’m passionate about the pro-life movement is because I believe every life is intrinsically beautiful and valuable.

Executive 2015-2016:


Executive 2014-2015:


Executive 2014-2015 (left to right): Treasurer- Maggie McMahon; Event Coordinator-Ashley Vandermeer; President-Christine Helferty; Vice President- Jonathan Conte; Secretary-Alessia Dolcetti

Executive 2013-2014:


Executive 2013-2014 (left to right): Secretary- Christine Helferty; Treasurer- Stephanie Dresch; Vice President- Ashley Vandermeer; President- Catherine Helferty