Frequently Asked Questions


What is your position on abortion?

We oppose therapeutic abortions.


We recognize that human life biologically begins at conception and that all human beings have inherent dignity and equal rights. Therapeutic abortions directly and intentionally end the lives of human beings, therefore we oppose abortions.

What is the current legal state of abortions in Canada?

There are currently no legal restrictions on abortions in Canada. Section 251 of the Criminal Code was struck down in 1988 and never replaced. A woman could legally receive an abortion in Canada at any point during the nine months of pregnancy if she can find a doctor willing to perform the procedure. Check out the Canadian Medical Association’s policy on induced abortion if you are interested. If you read to the end of the document, you will see they even indicate that abortions may sometimes be indicated after the preborn child is developed enough to survive outside the mother’s body.

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

What is your position on euthanasia and assisted suicide?

We oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.


We recognize that all human beings have inherent dignity and equal rights. We would never encourage a suicidal 16 year old suffering from depression to carry out his plan to kill himself. His life is just as valuable as every other life, and there is always hope for him to experience a better quality of life. This is true for all individuals. Age and illness do not influence the value of a human person, and they should not influence our commitment to their quality of life.