Conversations on Campus Part 1


At a recent club meeting I decided to share a story I experienced while conversing about abortion with students on campus. It reminded me of just how important our conversations are and how much we can learn from them. This particular conversation helped me see, once again, how unfathomable the injustice of abortion is and how greatly the pro-life voice is needed on campus.

Myself and a couple other Queen’s Alive members were set up with our clipboards in MacCorry Hall and we were asking students what they thought about abortion using the Question Abortion Project.  I engaged in a conversation with one student passing by. In all honesty, I can’t remember if he was pro-choice or pro-life. What I do remember is giving him an analogy to determine whether he saw himself as someone who would fight for justice in the face of an obvious human rights violation. I asked him something to the effect of, “If there were facilities in our country specifically set up for the termination of toddlers, and anyone could bring their toddlers there for any reason or no reason at all to be killed, what would you do?”

The student, somewhat horrified, replied, “You do that here?”

It turned out he was an exchange student, and being a little less familiar with both Canadian laws and the English language, had mistaken my analogy for a fact. I immediately clarified that we do NOT do that here and everyone would be horrified if that type of behaviour occurred.

Of course, as I told this story to my club members, the underlying truth of my analogy became obvious. If the injustice of killing toddlers outrages us, then the injustice of killing younger human beings should too. After all, every toddler was once a newborn, and every newborn a fetus. We would be rightly outraged and stirred to action if even a handful of toddlers were being killed daily in Canada. How can we casually live with the reality that at least an average of 224* younger human beings are killed every day?

It seems I was wrong to correct myself so vehemently when I was speaking with the exchange student. Whether they are toddlers or fetuses, human beings are being killed in Canada. We do, in fact, “do that here.” Now the most important question remains: what will we do to end it?

-Christine Helferty

*2014 (most recent that is available) statistic from the Canadian Institution for Health Inform 


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